11 B2B Marketing Channels For You To Master In 2023

November 24, 2022
Ammar Mazhar
11 B2B Marketing Channels For You To Master In 2023

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The ever-changing landscape of B2B marketing channels compels marketers to be more dynamic and adaptive to change. Depending on the industry, some marketing strategies and channels are more effective than others. Therefore, marketers should know what new marketing channels they should adopt to maximize revenue growth while spending less.

This blog has listed a few B2B marketing channels you need to know and master in 2023. 

But first, let’s define what a B2B marketing channel is.

What is a B2B Marketing Channel

Business-to-business marketing channels are the streams via which business is conducted between companies rather than between a company and an individual consumer. Today’s modern marketing methods have evolved, and so have the B2B Marketing strategies and channels. As a necessary response to today's media environment and consumer preferences, digital B2B marketing has arisen and has taken over traditional methods. Unlike B2C marketing channels, There are multiple B2B marketing channels today which have been of much help to prospective clients. 

The ideal marketing plan for your business is one that you decide on. Make sure you develop your own B2B marketing strategy because you have a different sales and marketing team than your competitor. Although you may have the same industry, make sure you rock it your way! 

Multiple marketing channels, over the decade, have evolved as the most effective B2B marketing channels, including content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, lead generation through sales funnels, and a couple of others. Your social media presence is now more valuable than your physical existence in person. 

The tendencies in terms of demographic data have changed. Today, people search online about a brand as soon as they hear about it. Using social media platforms can get your business to engage potential business clients. Local companies use video marketing, partnership marketing, search engine optimization, and organic search strategies to entice new business clients. 

Let's explore the emergence of business-to-business marketing channels in depth

4 Benefits of B2B Marketing Channels

Choosing the proper marketing channels for your business is the key to effective B2B marketing. You may put in a lot of effort, heavy budgets for your ad campaigns, and hiring the best sales and marketing team, but are you investing in the right platform? Your target audience may not be available on the platform in which you're investing.

Infographic: 4 Benefits of B2B Marketing Channels

1. Easier to measure

As discussed above, digital B2B marketing channels are efficient. The good part is that you can easily measure the data, lead quality, conversation rates, and ROI using easy-to-use dashboards and statistical graphs. Using multiple marketing channels is the best way to measure the best channel. Your marketing strategy would vary from product to product. Your sales and marketing team may have to run multiple campaigns. 

This is another way to define the best marketing strategy to engage more businesses that can convert into high-value accounts. Using digital social media platforms, you can cater to massive audiences. Blog articles are one of the most underrated B2B marketing channels. Optimized blogs and articles are a great source to market your product to conglomerates. 

Your marketing teams should be capable of measuring and evaluating digital marketing campaigns and ROI to enhance the results. Evaluate your monthly/weekly ad performances and other statistics that can help you learn for the next time. 

You can record your cost per user, user value, and conversation rates through the results. Use each of your marketing channels to their full potential but make sure you are using the right strategy and keeping all the finances from drowning. Your SEO efforts can easily be measured using marketing tools. You can quickly determine what marketing budgets suit your company and what strategy should be applied while investing more to get the maximum results. 

Remember to test and evaluate your ads and campaigns. Find the best-performing creatives for your ads, assess site visitors, and derive a unique B2B marketing strategy capable of boosting the numbers. Measuring data has become so easy that you can target each set of your customers with different approaches to get the desired results. 

2. Cost-effective

Companies splurge on marketing campaigns yet have to see the results they anticipate. Digital B2B marketing channels may be employed with less investment than traditional marketing methods. If you use the appropriate marketing strategy, you may receive significantly better results with less expenditure. Reaching out to businesses can be more expensive than reaching out directly to the consumer.

Digital marketing has cut down the cost of marketing. You can run paid ads at low prices. People have preferably switched from owning giant billboards to advertising on social media through paid ads. 

Paid ads can get you several clients with the specific demographics you are looking for. Choosing the target audience can become much easier than finding clients using traditional methods. Your potential clients want to hear from you regularly and look for value in your product like every other client. 

Target the right audience that suits your brand and create content that adds value. Content marketing can get you to heights at a lower cost than other marketing channels. 

You can optimize your budgets by running PPC campaigns, so you just need to pay when visitors visit or click on your website’s link. There are massive audiences out there on social media. You just have to determine the right one. Make sure you spend your budget wisely by researching your potential clients and converting your site visitors into high-value accounts.

3. Faster Results 

B2B marketing channels can get you faster results. Imagine yourself seeing a billboard while driving advertising your favorite product. You’ll stop and note down the contact on your phone or notepad. Some of you wouldn't have it at the moment, reaching home and then calling or negotiating with the sales guy. Isn't it a hassle? Your potential clients use social media multiple times a day, so wouldn't it be feasible for you to see the ad on their feed and reach you at the exact moment? 

If you are a startup looking to grow rapidly, you can use partnership marketing. This can get you associated with a reputable firm already working in the market. Influencer marketing is another way of getting faster results for your marketing campaigns. You can hire social media influencers to promote your services or products, leading you to an enhanced sales pipeline, ultimately converting into a sale. Create a brand story. Engaging content can close your good deal.

4. Better for brand awareness

Brand awareness creates room in the market for your product and eventually converts into a sales pipeline. Engaging people by answering frequently asked questions and queries regarding the product and brand can give customers massive value and create a sense of trust and loyalty towards the customer. By running PPC campaigns and other social media ads, you can easily create brand awareness among the masses. Your brand value defines your revenue, and the best way to create your brand value is to engage your potential customers and provide them with the value other brands are not.

Till the end of 2021, approximately 4.2 billion people were using social media. The number may have increased till today. Imagine presenting your product and creating a brand image out of such a vast number of users compared to traditional advertising methods like door-to-door marketing and renting out billboards that can cater to a smaller number of potential customers. 

Industry trends have evolved over the past decades that have changed the ways of advertising. Social media marketing, search engine optimization, and other b2b marketing channels can help create brand awareness among the masses and let them know about your product and services. 

Social media marketing reduces the hassle of engaging corporate businesses and keeps them aware of all your services and promos. If you are still using the analog methodology, it's time to shift to digital b2b marketing channels! 

The 11 B2B marketing channels for you to master

Infographic: The most common B2B channels

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to create brand awareness and increase your sales pipeline. Reach out to your potential businesses via emails curated with value for the prospects. Most marketing and promotional emails are moved to spam if there is no value in the opportunity. Professionals prefer to communicate via email and thus are actively using their emails. Create engaging content that people want to hear and read about. Using infographics and email templates, you can land in the inbox of your potential clients. 

You need to track the decision makers of businesses so you can pitch them your services, bringing them down the funnel. The evolution of marketing technology has made reaching out to businesses and having mutually beneficial business relations easy.

Moreover, you can automate your email marketing by investing in an email automation platform by using templates and writing engaging content for your SaaS company to reach out to your potential clients. You can let your prospects know about your products, and the good part is you can reach out to all your prospects with a click; you just don't need to send everyone a personalized email separately.  An email automation platform can segment your email list and create action and time-based emails that go out whenever the recipient takes the desired action. 

Also, you can intercept users of your product at the right time throughout their journey and provide them with value-added content to guide them toward a better understanding of your product.

AppFlows is one such email automation tool that allows its users to create unlimited automation. Also, users can benefit from pre-built automation workflows and boost their user engagement rates.

2. Conferences and live trade shows

Conferences and trade shows are a great way to connect with people from your relevant industry, make new connections, provide value to new customers and businesses, and of course, brand awareness. There are houseful conferences on tech and B2B marketing channels and strategies that can be of great value to other companies. The connections you make will greatly value your business in the long run. 

Usually, a considerable number of companies attend such trade conferences and live trade shows, so you have room to explore and find potential business opportunities. One-on-one meetings have a significant impact on the time taken by a customer to turn into a client. In such live conferences and trade shows, you can cater to massive audiences and pitch them your services. 

3. Content marketing

Content is at the heart of a business's communication. Content is what will get you close to high-value users. People love seeing engaging content based on their preferences and interests. You can map and measure what your user wants to see. Test your content and create what engages more users. 

You must remember that every business you target has distinctive values and business models. You need to be significant in every case. Every company that you want to target wants to hear differently from you. Based on their preferences and interests, show them the content that you know will help you close the deal. You need to identify what your user needs. What is he looking for, and are your services doing justice to your buyer's requirements?

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ranking your website on a search engine to attract more traffic by improving your website's ranking and appearing on the first pages of SERPs. People tend to surf the internet based on keywords. Only some customers will land directly on your website by explicitly searching your brand name. You can optimize your content and so on your website based upon the preferences or their interests. 

For example, a person learns about the nearest Louis Vuitton store by searching for top clothing brands near her. Similarly, you can target your potential customers by optimizing keywords and posting new content for visitors. You can measure and evaluate your organic search results and keep the data for an improved strategy for the next time. 

5. Targeted ads

Problem-solving is one way to get users. You can let your audience show what they are looking for online through targeted ads. You can filter the quality of information through targeted ads and thus filter out data to enhance the quality of leads. Targeted ads are very effective in B2B marketing. We see them posted everywhere on the internet, from search engines to social media platforms. Targeted ads help drive your customer and eventually land them on your landing page. Advertising your products online through paid ads can help you engage business and close your targets! 

6. Outbound calling

Cold calling has always been an effective way to market your product to potential businesses in the B2B Industry. Companies employ their sales and marketing teams who put in the effort to engage more businesses and close more clients. Many people hesitate to answer your questions, or your abrupt call out of nowhere can disturb some. You can easily score a decent number of sales by cold outbound calling and pitching them your services at the right time, which may close you some leads B2B outbound campaigns have the potential to uplift your number game and get you qualified leads. 

7. Paid searches and PPC campaigns

Pay-per-click models are practical as well as cost-savvy. You’ll only get charged when someone clicks on any of the ads. To boost your B2B sales process and increase your pipeline, paid campaigns are a vital source of revenue. These paid ads can be run on any search engine like Google or Bing or social media platforms. You pay the search engine to show your webpage on the top of SERPs so you can get the maximum number of visitors to your website. Engaging content for your ads gets you close to more high-value accounts. Create a sales funnel for your PPC campaigns and get the max down the funnel! 

8. Partner marketing

is a collaboration between firms with the same business objective and client base to achieve their goals. Let's say coke partners with a government organization or a private NGO to provide drinking water to the areas affected by drought is an example of partner marketing. The partnered business's client base and engaged audience can help your business engage more companies, eventually creating a solid professional network that can also help in the future. 

9. Social Media

Today, almost every person uses social media, from a 10-year-old to a retired 60-year-old colonel. Social media channels are very beneficial platforms to engage your audience directly, reaching out to them and solving their problems over the internet from the comfort of their couch. Engage your target businesses, and create desire by showing them the content they want to see. Your content should solve the problem that your potential customers are facing. Almost every business uses social media to showcase its products. If your brand still needs to be online, you miss many opportunities.

10. Webinars

Business owners are seeking clarification and solutions to the dilemmas they are experiencing. You can be the one to solve their issue and allow them to trust you enough to be the user of your product. Webinars can help with that.

11. Referrals

We generally don't give this much importance but imagine one of the businesses you’re working with refers to some other business to you. That second business gives you another referral. Technically, one lead closes you to three prospects. If appropriately utilized, referrals are a passive source to acquire clients and work with more businesses. 

The fact that business people interact with one another creates a possibility of selling your services by word of mouth. Suppose you’re networking and meeting ten people who know your company and the services you are providing. There's a possibility that 5 of them can be potential clients if the existing client refers them to you.

These B2B marketing channels will help you close high-value clients and bring revenue to your company. 

Expedite your B2B Marketing efforts with AppFlows!

If utilized efficiently, these digital B2B marketing channels can generate more revenue than your physical, traditional marketing efforts. Focus on your social media presence and let prospective customers see what they want. Evaluate your efforts and measure them using digital tools like Google Analytics and other consoles. You can also try account-based marketing, partnership marketing, and video marketing so your prospects can see more value coming from your side that will eventually let them avail of your services.

Utilize these marketing channels, and work on the quality of your leads. Remember, testing is power. Keep testing which B2B marketing strategies work for you the best. Which of the platforms suits your business, which one will lead you to the decision-makers, and which one gives you the maximum ROI 

If you want to harness the power of email automation, then AppFlows is your best bet.

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